All images by Antoinette Fawcett

I translate books and poems from Dutch to English. 

I will also take on smaller translation projects - e.g. short stories, sample translations, book reports, essays and academic articles - as well as proofreading, editing and copywriting projects in English. 



Whatever project you entrust me with, whether it is large or small, you can be assured of my creativity, precision and enthusiasm. My broad background, varied experience, and wide range of knowledge enable me to work on many types of projects with equal dedication and professionalism.

Thank you so much for your valuable help and contribution! For me, this has been a very rewarding cooperation.
— Christine Calfolglou, Hellenic Open University


  • The translation of a large number of poems by the Dutch poet Gerrit Achterberg.
  • The translation of works by Martinus Nijhoff, one of the most important 20th century Dutch poets.
  • Translations of poems by the Dutch poet Ed Leeflang.
  • Translation into English of Dutch Intertitles of Walter Summers' 1923 silent film 'A Couple of Down and Outs'.
  • The translation of a short book about the young painter Jan Bilitewski.
  • A current project is the translation of a teenage fantasy novel - Odessa and the Secret World of Books - by the Flemish author Peter van Olmen.